The Guardian Angels remains a volunteer-based organization made up of dedicated individuals who generously donate their time and energy to help protect communities around the world. A unique feature of The Guardian Angels approach is the group's inclusion of inner city youth in the safety patrols. By making young people part of the solution rather than casting them as part of the problem, The Guardian Angels empowers youth to take pride in their communities and contribute to the safety of their neighborhoods. Over the years, Curtis and his Angels have empowered thousands of citizens - both young and old - to take responsibility for cleaning up their communities and safeguarding their streets. As a result, there are now more than 130 Guardian Angels safety patrol chapters throughout the world, with constant additions being made. And the grassroots community patrols that Curtis began also spurred the creation of neighborhood watch groups throughout the United States and around the world.



The Guardian Angels Defensive Tactics System is a comprehensive Defensive Tactics Program offering a functional foundation in a variety of related defensive skills. The program has been developed by certified Defensive Tactics Instructor Fernan Vargas.  Mr. Vargas has trained Police and Security officers at the local, state, and federal level. Modules of the course have been P.O.S.T. Certified in several states and have also been adopted by various agencies, such as the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.   We feel confident that we are offering one of the most practical and easiest to learn and implement programs in the field. The program has been pressure tested in heavy scenario training and gone through several revisions based on the material’s effectiveness under stressful, live scenario testing. The program is meant to give new recruits a firm foundation in the mental, psychological and physical skills needed to properly protect themselves from a violent offender.  The program is designed to be simple, adaptable, and easy to recall and use under stressful situations. Chapter trainers will find the program useful as it will give the patrol members a good sound foundation on which to build with advanced training. Experienced patrol members will also benefit from the program as it will help them to reinforce good sound “Survival Fundamentals”.  The program is also used to educate the community through a variety of specialized self defense courses for women, the elderly, etc.


      Defensive Tactics Training Includes     

* Use of Force
* Unarmed Defensive Tactics
* Escapes from Grabs & Holds
* Control & Compliance Holds
* Handcuffing & Arrest Procedures
* Ground Survival tactics
* Multiple Attacker Tactics
 *Secondary Protection Skills
*Weapon Disarming & Defense